Redrawn notes on the passage of time,  2020, installation, wood, paint, 4 objects: 410 x 280 x 40 cm;                  410 x 280 x 40 cm; 410 x 280 x 2,5 cm; 205 x 280 x 90 cm 

The series Notes on the passage of time was the starting point for this work.  Dzikowska goes out with her drawings into the gallery space. Their fragments have been scaled up to create a three-dimensional composition. The scaled elements combine into a potentially infinite sequence of further iterations of the work. They become like memories, which — viewed from different points in history — are being transformed.  She also analyses the status of the sculpture and the way it is represented. In this context, it can be seen as placed in an “expanded field,” where a sculpture is freed from a particular place, time and context in which it appears. The solids are variable, dependent on the medium, and cannot be enclosed in the classic art history classification as a sculpture.