Spatial action, approaching, 2014, site- specific installation, synthetic hair, steel, glass neon, 3 x 5 x 2,2 m.

A curtain symbolically separates two spaces – the sacred, the space of an art gallery and the profane – a stage where daily life unfolds. Entering this new realm, the recipient is forced to get in direct contact with an organic-like material which evokes rather negative connotations. However, it is a voluntary act, the recipient’s own choice. Behind the curtain there is only a simple non-invasive white neon sign in form of a line running along the walls, which emphasizes the emptiness and the essence of the previous experience. The series of spatial installations examines its features: can “dead” hair can be visually attractive, or is it just a waste?

Spatial action, approaching Gallery Labirynt 2 in Lublin