The Memory of The Water, 2019, object, PVC, polyester fabric, swimming pool, water, onyx, 2.8 x 2.8 x 2.8 m; 

The theory of „water memory” assumes that it has the properties of the record of its experiences. The energy it accumulates contains histories from the past that it has witnessed. This installation is the subject programming through which the liquid is ready to meet the current reality. Besides, the crystal – onyx – placed in the pool pulls away the „bad energy” that this water „has experienced” and thus becomes the catalyst for the title purification. 

Enter the sphere of purification, where the impossible becomes possible.

Immerse your gaze in water devoid of bad energy that will fill your body and soul with positive vibrations.

Let it flow through your whole body
and with every second it takes away what was bad.
Hear a gentle hum that soothes your senses
and let him be carried away.
Open yourself to new sensations,
exceed the boundaries of your limitaTons.
Feel ease and let yourself be carried away by the force of water.

the deity of mine Zona Sztuki Aktualnej in Szczecin